We are now accepting online entries to our CT Series and Clinics!! You can find us here on

NEW INFO: We have added a CT Ground Pole Division AND we have added an Eventing Test Dressage Only Division to our prize list!

For printable forms click the on the boxes below!

NEW IN 2018!


Our goal is to provide a safe, low-key, well-organized and educational opportunity for our competitors. The Sunday following each show, THORNRIDGE MANOR will host each dressage judge for a clinic. Maximum of ten, 45min lessons with priority given to Saturday show competitors.



SHOW #1                                     SHOW #2                                         SHOW#3

        JULY 21, 2018                          AUGUST 18, 2018                             SEPTEMBER 15, 2018

Judge Aviva Nebesky (L)          Judge Becky Longwost (L)             Judge Lauren Annett (R)

Opens NOW                                 Opens NOW                                     Opens NOW

Closes July 13, 2018                   Closes Aug 10, 2018                       Closes sept 8, 2018

Times Posted July 18                Times Posted Aug 15                     TImes Posted Sept 12


   CLINIC #1                                              CLINIC #2                                            CLINIC 3#

JULY 22, 2018                                      AUGUST 19, 2018                                          tbd

Aviva Nebesky                                 becky Longwost                                    Ange Bean

Opens NOW                                            Opens NOW                                        Opens NOW


ENTRY SECRETARY: Alix Day                                        ORGANIZER: Phoebe DeVoe-Moore                                       

                443-604-3312                                                                            410-812-1551

           409 Doe meadow drive                                             FARM LOCATION: 12531 Manor Rd

           Owings mills, md 21117                                                          Glen Arm, MD 21057                                              _____________________________________________________________________________________


CT DIVISION CLASSES -- $65 – Pre Enter Only – Ribbons to 6th Place

JUMP ONLY CLASSES -- Pre Enter -- $20 – No Ribbons

JUMP ONLY CLASSES -- Enter Day Of -- $30 -- No Ribbons

DRESSAGE ONLY CLASSES -- Pre Enter Only -- $45 – Ribbons to 6th Place

LATE FEE -- $25 – Entry Arrival After Closing Date




Championship Ribbons and SPECIAL AWARDS will be presented to ALL CT Divisions offered and to ALL Dressage Levels offered. Must attend 2 of 3 shows to qualify for SERIES END CHAMPIONSHIP AWARDS. No memberships required! We are excited to have several sponsors that have joined with Thornridge Manor to makes these Special Awards possible and fun for our competitors!!!!






Casual attired for rider and horse acceptable. Horses allowed any form of leg protection/gear.

Required: Rider ASTM/SEI approved helmet, boots with a heel.

All division/class dressage tests may be read.

Whips are allowed.

Jumping rounds are not timed.

Limited water, bring your own.

Leave dogs at home for safety reasons. Resident dogs will be confined, too.

May enter Jumping Only Classes more than once – be clear on entry form notation.

May enter Dressage Classes more than once – be clear on entry form notation.

May enter any Division/Class as “HC” – no ribbons if this is noted on your entry.

USEF 2018 Eventing Tests A and USDF Intro Tests will be ridden in small ring. 2015 USEF Dressage Tests will be ridden in large ring.

Dressage Warm Up Ring: Sand and rubber lighted indoor, full size.

Dressage Test Competition: Sand and rubber outdoor, adjusted for small or full ring size.

Jump Warm Up and Competition Course: Fairly level and fine mowed grass area. Brand new creative jumps!

Food:  Will be available show days. FIREBOX CATERING is amazing! Owner/Chef, Greg, is one of Chuck’s best friends….and we are thrilled to have him available for the CTs…Come HUNGRY!!

Parking: Follow signs and/or parking attendant instructions. Fairly level grass pasture. Please take manure home with you!

Directions: Google Maps/MapQuest, etc. is readily available for our physical address 12531 Manor Rd, Glen Arm, MD 21057. Sometimes, our driveway is recognized as Harriet Lane by Vehicle-GPS – no problem! Small Thornridge Manor sign AND signs for CT Turtle-Series on Manor Rd at top of driveway. Take long gravel drive to the end where you will see parking attendant for trailer placement.  If you are having challenges on location, call Chuck’s cell at 410-446-8092. Farm location is easily accessible from 695, 83, 95, and Rt1!! ** If you pass farm driveway on left, keep going ¼ mile and there will be church parking lot on right you can turn large trailers around in. If you pass farm driveway on the right , keep going ¼ mile and turn R onto Long Green Rd…..there is a very large fire station parking lot immediately on the left of Long Green Rd you can turn large trailers around in! Easy-Peasy!

Mail entries to ENTRY SECRETARY, Alix Day: Contact Info has previously been provided. A complete entry will include Entry Form with signed Release, copy of Current Coggins and full entry payment to Thornridge Manor, LLC.

If you have interest in volunteering: Contact Organizer, Phoebe DeVoe-Moore, info provided.

Entry Secretary and Organizer reserve the right to divide ANY Division into sections based upon entry numbers. Young Rider vs Adult Rider will be considered, so be sure to mark YR DOB on Entry Form provided.

Ride Times will be posted the Wednesday prior to Show Date at  Home Page/Upcoming Events Tab.

Entering by Closing Date does not guarantee acceptance. We are hopeful and expect to fill quickly. If entries warrant, we will do our best to extend the dressage competition arena by securing a second dressage judge!!!

A $25 Late FEE will be charged to any entry that arrives after Closing Date. A $25 Late Fee will be charged to any incomplete entry made full after Closing Date.

Wait List: If competition is full. Completed entries will be given priority. Incomplete entries will be bumped to the wait list and reaccepted if space allows, pending completion.

Refunds available before Close Date, minus $25 Office Fee.

No Refunds after Close Date, for ANY reason, except in case of Cancelation of the Show.

Show Cancelation (due to weather/unexpected tragedy/insufficient entries): Will be posted on farm website  NO later than the Friday before the Show. If this is happens, we will do our absolute best to add a show in Oct and/or Nov 2018!!!

IT’S TURTLE TIME!!!! Support our new endeavor AND BE SAFE & HAVE FUN when you come!

The FUTURE: We are hopeful that Our FIRST ANNUAL SERIES is a success for ALL involved! If, so, we intend to add more shows (up to 5) in 2019! AND, if there is continued success, the sky is the limit on future series and eventual Recognized Shows. Exciting times ahead…………..THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART OF THIS THORNRIDGE MANOR MAGIC!!!!!



1) HATCHLING CT – Max 12” – USDF Intro B

2) HATCHLING Jump Round Extra

3) GREEN TURTLE CT – Max 2’ – USDF Intro C

4) GREEN TURTLE Jump Round Extra

5) FLAT BACK CT – Beginner Novice – Max 2’7” – USEF BN-A

6) FLAT BACK Jump Round Extra

7) HAWKSBILL CT – Novice – Max 2’11” – USEF N-A

8) HAWKSBILL Jump Round Extra

9) LOGGERHEAD CT – Training – Max 3’3” – USEF T-A

10) LOGGERHEAD Jump Round Extra

11) RIDLEY CT – Modified – Max 3’5” – USEF M-A

12) RIDLEY Jump Round Extra

13) LEATHERBACK CT – Preliminary – Max 3’7” – USEF P-A

14) LEATHERBACK Jump Round Extra

15) BOX TURTLE – Leadline Dressage Only -- Link Provided to Test

16) SNAPPER TURTLE – Intro Dressage Only TOC – USDF A/B/C

17) WOOD TURTLE – Training Level Dressage Only TOC – USEF 1/2/3

18) SPOTTED TURTLE – First Level Dressage Only TOC – USEF 1/2/3

19) BOG TURTLE – Second Level Dressage Only TOC – USEF 1/2/3

20) TORTOISE – Third Level & Above Dressage Only TOC – USEF 1/2/3

NEW CLASES: 21) DOLLAR TURTLE – Eventing Test Dressage Only TOC – Your Test Choice!
22) MUD TURTLE CT – Ground Poles Only – USDF Intro A
23) MUD TURTLE -- Jump Round Extra




Hatching, Green, Flat Back, Hawksbill, Loggerhead, Ridley, Leatherback, Box, Snapper, Wood, Spotted, Bog, Tortoise, mud, dollar




**Only one horse/rider combo per entry -- Please Make Copies**

Circle Date of Show:     July 21    August 18  September 15

RIDER: __________________________ Circle:   YR AA Open

Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Email(s): ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone(s): ____________________________________________________________________________________________

EMERGENCY CONTACT Relation & Number(s)   _________________________________________________________________

HORSE: _________________________________________________________________________________________________

COGGINS DATE: _____________                   [Must include copy for entry to be considered complete!]

CLASS #                                            CLASS DESCRIPTION                          FEE





LATE FEE $25 _____________________________________________________________________________________________

TOTAL ENTRY FEE: _________________________________________________________________________________________


SNAIL MAIL ENTRY TO SHOW SECRETARY: ALIX DAY, info provided. Completed entries include Entry Form with Required Release Signatures below, Coggins & Payment to Thornridge Manor, LLC.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND AGREEMENT OF ENTRY: Every entry at this competition shall constitute agreement and full affirmation that all participants (including owner, lease, trainer, rider, handler and the horse) for themselves and their handler (1) shall be subject to the local rules of the competition; (2) represent that every horse and rider is eligible as entered; (3) agree to be bound by the rules of the competition, and will accept as final decision that of the Organizer on any question arising under said rules, and agree to hold the competition harmless for any action taken; and (4) agree that they participate voluntarily in the competition fully aware that horse sports and the competition involve inherent dangerous risks of serious injury or death, and by participating they expressly assume any and all risks of injury or loss, and they agree to indemnify and hold harmless the competition and their officials, employees, and agents harmless from and against all claims including for any injury or loss suffered during or in connection with the competition, whether or not such injury or loss resulted, directly or in directly, from the negligent acts or omissions of said owners, officials, managers, employees or agents of this competition. RELEASE: I understand that this is a high risk sport and I am participating at my own risk. I hereby assume this risk and further do hereby release and hold harmless the Organizer, Secretary, Judges, Officials, the Host of this Show and the Owners of Any Property on which the competition is to be held, from ALL liability from negligence resulting in accidents, damage, injury, illness or death to myself and to my property, including the horse or horses which I will compete at this competition.

SIGNED:    Rider’s Signature (Parent/Guardian if under 18yo) _______________________________________________________

Print Rider’s Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Print Parent/Guardian Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________



2018 Clinic Information


We are thrilled to welcome our Saturday CT Series Judges back on Sunday for a Clinic! We have specifically chosen our Judges because they are positive thinkers AND are well established trainers/teachers. Thornridge Manor has a long relationship, dating back 25+yrs, with all three of these special ladies that not only own their own horses, are actively riding and competing, but also own their own successful facilities and/or dressage training businesses.



                                    CLINIC #1                                     CLINIC#2                                             CLINIC#3

                                 JULY 22, 2018                         AUGUST 19, 2018                                                TBD

                               Aviva Nebesky: $100                Becky Longwost: $120                                  Ange Bean: $100

                                  Opens NOW                               Opens NOW                                                  Opens NOW

AUDIT FEE: $10/Person: Lots of space, but BRING CHAIR.


ORGANIZER:                                                                         FARM LOCATION:

                           Phoebe DeVoe-Moore -- 410-812-1551                                                  12531 Manor Rd

                           PO Box 4010 * Glen Arm, MD 21057                                                 Glen Arm, MD 21057

                                                                                        USE FOR GPS!



ONLY 10 rides will be available for each clinic date.  All rides are 45min sessions.

AVIVA NEBESKY & BECKY LONGWOST Lessons: Private Only. Cost listed above.

ANGE BEAN Lessons: Private cost listed above AND Semi-Private ALSO available for $60 each rider. Make notation on your Clinic Entry if you would like this option. We will group together rider/horse pairs that are suitable together! OR, PLEASE specify who you would like to be in a group lesson with! We will accommodate this option for all to get a great experience.

Arena(s): Indoor or Outdoor, weather pending. Sand/Rubber, lighted, well maintained surface!

Parking: Easy access in all weather conditions. Follow CT signs that will still be posted on Manor Rd.

Water: Bring some, but know water is available!

No Non-Resident Dogs.

DIRECTIONS:  Use Farm Location provided for GPS use. Details available on Clinic Series Info/Prize List.

ENTER ALL 3 CLINICS EARLY! THESE CLINICS ARE EXPECTED TO FILL QUICLY: Once you enter the clinic, you are committed to pay for your session. A Waitlist will be established. So, if you need to cancel, for any reason, you will get reimbursed IF your spot is successfully filled from the waitlist.

INCOMPLETED ENTRIES: Will be moved to the Waitlist until presented as full.

SEND ENTRY:  Mail to Organizer: Phoebe DeVoe-Moore -- PO Box Provided! OR email entry and send payment to snail mail, OR hand deliver to ORGANIZER (or Claudia).  DO NOT SEND CLINIC ENTRY TO ALIX DAY……she is only the Entry Secretary for the CTs, not the Clinics. THX!

PAYMENT MADE TO:  Thornridge Manor, LLC

COMPLETE ENTRIES INCLUDE: Clinic entry form, coggins for non-resident horses, payment in full.

FOOD: Not available, but light refreshments are available.

AUDITORS WELCOME!:  No need to pre-purchase. Bring chair & payment day of.

RIDE TIMES: Will be emailed and/or posted on website by Thurs prior to the clinic.

RELEASE/LIABILITY/HOLD HARMLESS PAPERWORK:  Will not be included on Clinic Entry Form. The standard Thornridge Manor, LLC Liability needs to be signed no later than the day of clinic, prior to your ride. It will be available the day of clinic OR, upon request, can be emailed to rider prior to day of clinic. Scanned signatures will be accepted.

ANY QUESTIONS: Please do not hesitate to contact Phoebe at above info or Claudia Kleinsmith at 410-279-5255.




** Only one Horse/Rider/Date-Combo per Entry – Please Make Copies **

** Mail Entry to Phoebe: PO Box 4010, Glen Arm, MD 20157 – Info provided**

** All Payment made payable to:  Thornidge Manor, LLC **

** Please refer to our Clinic Information Provided **


Circle 2018 Clinician/Date:   Aviva/July22       Becky/Aug19     Ange/

RIDER: ________________________________ Circle:    YR AA Open

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

Email(s): _____________________________________________________________________________

Telephone(s): _________________________________________________________________________

EMERGENCY CONTACT Relation & Number(s): _______________________________________________

HORSE Description and Training/Showing Level(s): ____________________________________________


Coggins Date: ______________________  [Must include copy for entry to be considered complete]


CLINICIAN:                                                 FEE:


ANGE/2018 Semi Private Request DETAILS: ___________________________________________


AUDIT ONLY: $10 ______________________________________________________________________

TOTAL FEES made payable to THORNRIDGE MANOR, LLC = _____________________________________


RELAEASE OF LIABILTY TO FOLLOW STANDARD THORNRIDGE MANOR, LLC AGREEMENTS: Will be provided day of clinic prior to your ride OR can be requested to get emailed prior to day of clinic. Scanned signatures will be accepted. NOTE: THIS HOLD HARMLESS IS DIFFERENT THEN THE CT SERIES Hold Harmless on CT Entry Form…..BOTH MUST BE SIGNED APPROPIATELY!