The Thornridge Approach to Training Sessions:

1.) Encourage the horse and rider to process riding in a forward state of mind. Understanding the importance and willingness to want to reach toward the bridle

2.) Address the components of difficult movements and then combine patterns rather than just simply repeating test-like movements. This develops confidence in the rider as an independent thinker.

3.) Define balance through the control of the rider's position and proper use of light aids

4.) Keep the horse motivated and interested with the use of cross-training. Patterned ground poles and in-hand-whip-work is often introduced and implemented during lessons to help develop fexpression. We believe in progressive training.

5.) Keen understanding and appreciation that not all riders are interested in competition, but rather find pleasure in the daily training program. Competition is not a requirement in the quest for skill and knowledge.

6.) Consistent and repetitions focus on the training scale as the foundation for developing obedience and throughness from level to level.