Claudia Kleinsmith: Trainer/Manager

AS A TEACHER......Claudia has a lively personality that promotes a tension free environment and keeps students eager to enjoy their journey and achieve their goal. She is articulate in her ability to interestingly communicate with her students what is working and what needs work, without creating stress. Claudia finds unsurpassed humor in all that life with horses has to offer!!! As such, her student base ranges from age 4 to age 75.

AS A RIDER......Claudia recognizes the individuality of varying breeds. With her background, she appreciates that dressage mounts come in all shapes and sizes. She believes that behavioral psychology--challenging vs. rewarding--helps in keeping the basics of training honest in all mounts. Her love of the horse in general allows her to innately evaluate the physical/mental capabilities of the horse during every training session

HER FAVORITE MOVEMENT: Nothing like shoulder in to create straightness and then let's have some fun with flying changes. Phoebe has often been overheard stating that Claudia could teach a donkey to perform tempi changes!!!

AS A JUDGE.....For now, Claudia does judge at local hunter shows. She has expressed interest in the L program: when time permits she may apply. In any case, her future is bright.

Claudia's Background....

Claudia began her love of horses at a very early age and would labor at nearby farms in order to catch the opportunity to ride. Because of this early background, she learned not only a solid work ethic, but invaluable experience with multiple breeds; she has not always ridden the typical warmblood dressage mount.

This exposure to alternative dressage breeds has fostered a strong set of creative skills for problem solving and allows Claudia success in relating to varying training responsiveness. Eventually Claudia's talents led her to a teaching career at several of the local barns. While being an instrumental part of these lesson programs, Claudia still found time to attend the University of Maryland Institute of Applied Agriculture Equine Business Management Program.

Introduced by a mutual friend in 2003, Phoebe and Claudia headed to Florida in the winter of 2004 and instantly formed a partnership that has become the heart and soul of Thornridge Manor. Not only does Claudia manage and direct the daily operations of the farm, but she trains multiple horses and teaches a ton of lessons. Luckily for us, Claudia does maintain residence at the property.....literally, Claudia breathes life into Thornridge Manor.

2014 UPDATE: Claudia has earned her USDF Bronze Medal!!! All scores were earned on Wallstreet Prince, an AHS gelding that Thornridge Manor has owned and exclusively trained since the weanling age of 6 months old!!!